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Form Description

  • Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
  • Paper: Cover: 18 pt. C1S Coated Cover Stock
    Text: 70# Bright White Opaque Smooth Text
  • Ink: Cover: Full Color
    Text: Black

Personalized Journals

Personalized Journals   (289465)
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Form Description

Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Paper: Cover: 18 pt. C1S Coated Cover Stock
Text: 70# Bright White Opaque Smooth Text
Ink: Cover: Full Color
Text: Black
Form ID: 289465

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    IMAGE RESOLUTION: Please note that the image resolution of the cover designs have intentionally been set to a lower level in order to optimize the download and display speed on your phone and computer monitor.  Most monitors have not been calibrated to display accurate color; hence, the final printed images may vary slightly from what is displayed on your device.  In all cases the final product will be produced with high resolution near photographic quality. 

  4. BL-05 Hammock Swing Under Palm Tree

    BL-10 Seashell Treasures

    BL-15 Ocean Shoreline at Sunset

    BL-40 Kayaks on Phi Phi Island Thailand

    BL-45 Sailing Blue Waters

    BL-60 Heceta Head Lighthouse Oregon

    BL-65 Boston Light Lighthouse Boston

    BL-70 Marblehead Lighthouse Ohio

    BB-05 Blue Jay

    BB-08 Cardinal

    BB-11 Paridae on Snowy Branch

    BB-14 Hummingbird-Purple

    BB-17 Barn Owl

    BB-20 Peacock

    BB-23 Penguin Family

    BB-50 Pink Butterfly Reflections

    BB-53 Monarch with Lavender Flowers

    BB-56 Blue Butterfly with White Flowers

    BB-70 Butterfly Graphic-Blue

    BB-70 Butterfly Graphic-Lavender & Blue

    BB-70 Butterfly Graphic-Orange

    BB-70 Butterfly Graphic-Pink

    BB-70 Butterfly Graphic-Purple

    BB-70 Butterfly Graphic-Rainbow

    BB-70 Butterfly Graphic-Teal

    CR-05 Yellow Abstract Cross

    CR-08s Divine Light Cross-Blue

    CR-08s Divine Light Cross-Coral

    CR-08s Divine Light Cross-Green

    CR-08s Divine Light Cross-Pink

    CR-08s Divine Light Cross-Purple

    CR-08s Divine Light Cross-Teal

    CR-11 Stained Glass Cross

    CR-14s No Greater Love Cross-Blue

    CR-14s No Greater Love Cross-Green

    CR-14s No Greater Love Cross-Orange

    CR-14s No Greater Love Cross-Purple

    CR-14s No Greater Love Cross-Red

    CR-17 Cross with Lavender Rosary Beads

    CR-18s Cross with White Rosary Beads

    CR-22 Cross with Tulips

    CR-30 Sun Rays Woooden Cross

    CR-33 Faith Burlap Cross

    CR-36 White Stone Cross

    CR-39 Wooden Cross on Blue Abstract

    CR-42 Burning Candle Cross

    CR-45 Wooden Cross on Teal Stucco

    CR-48 Names & Titles of God Cross

    CR-70 Faith Hope Love Cross-Berry

    CR-70 Faith Hope Love Cross-Green

    CR-70s Faith Hope Love Cross-Navy Blue

    CR-70 Faith Hope Love Cross-Orange

    CR-73s Dove & Flowers Cross-Blue

    CR-73s Dove & Flowers Cross-Green

    CR-73s Dove & Flowers Cross-Lavender

    CR-73s Dove & Flowers Cross-Magenta

    CR-73s Dove & Flowers Cross-Salmon

    CR-76 Hearts & Swirls Cross-Gold

    CR-76 Hearts & Swirls Cross-Green

    CR-76 Hearts & Swirls Cross-Lavender

    CR-76 Hearts & Swirls Cross-Peach

    CR-90 Morning Glory Floral Cross-Berry

    CR-90 Morning Glory Floral Cross-Blue

    CR-90 Morning Glory Floral Cross-Brown

    CR-90 Morning Glory Floral Cross-Green

    CR-90 Morning Glory Floral Cross-Peach

    CR-90 Morning Glory Floral Cross-Pink

    CR-90 Morning Glory Floral Cross-Purple

    CR-90 Morning Glory Floral Cross-Sea Mist

    CR-90 Morning Glory Floral Cross-Yellow

    CR-93 Daisy Floral Cross-Blush Rose

    CR-93 Daisy Floral Cross-Lavender

    CR-93 Daisy Floral Cross-Mist Green

    CR-93s Daisy Floral Cross-Soft Aqua

    CR-96 Flower Garden Floral Cross-Blue

    CR-96 Flower Garden Floral Cross-Green

    CR-96 Flower Garden Floral Cross-Lilac

    CR-96 Flower Garden Floral Cross-Orange

    CR-96 Flower Garden Floral Cross-Pink

    CR-96 Flower Garden Floral Cross-Purple

    CR-96 Flower Garden Floral Cross-Red

    CR-96 Flower Garden Floral Cross-Sky Blue

    CR-96 Flower Garden Floral Cross-Teal

    CR-96 Flower Garden Floral Cross-Toffee

    CR-96 Flower Garden Floral Cross-Yellow

    FC-01 Rose Bouquet

    FC-02 Cheerful Pansies

    FC-03 Delicate Lilies

    FC-04 Sweet Daisies

    FC-20 Bluebonnet Field

    FC-30 Colorful Succulents

    FC-40 Cactus Petals

    FC-41 Desert Cactus

    HS-20 Graduation Dream Big-Light Blue

    HS-20 Graduation Dream Big-Magenta

    HS-20s Graduation Dream Big-Navy Blue

    HS-23 Graduation Dream Believe Achieve-Green

    HS-23 Graduation Dream Believe Achieve-Peach

    HS-23s Graduation Dream Believe Achieve-Purple

    HS-23 Graduation Dream Believe Achieve-Tan

    HS-26s Graduation Follow Your Dreams

    HS-28 Graduation May He Give You

    HS-29 Graduation Reach for the Stars-Light Blue

    HS-29 Graduation Reach for the Stars-Light Green

    HS-29 Graduation Reach for the Stars-Magenta

    HS-29s Graduation Reach for the Stars-Navy Blue

    HS-30 Graduation Reach for the Stars-Brown

    HS-40s New Baby Carriage-Blue

    HS-40s New Baby Carriage-Green

    HS-40s New Baby Carriage-Pink

    HS-50 Valentine Hearts

    HS-81s Wedding Rings

    HS-95 Bridesmaid Dress-Avacado

    HS-95s Bridesmaid Dress-Blue Frost

    HS-95 Bridesmaid Dress-Blush Pink

    HS-95 Bridesmaid Dress-Burnt Sienna

    HS-95 Bridesmaid Dress-Champagne

    HS-95s Bridesmaid Dress-Cinnamon Red

    HS-95 Bridesmaid Dress-Dusty Rose

    HS-95 Bridesmaid Dress-Ivory Blush

    HS-95s Bridesmaid Dress-Juniper

    HS-95s Bridesmaid Dress-Key Lime

    HS-95 Bridesmaid Dress-Lemon Chiffon

    HS-95 Bridesmaid Dress-Lilac Mist

    HS-95s Bridesmaid Dress-Midnight Blue

    HS-95 Bridesmaid Dress-Muted Coral

    HS-95s Bridesmaid Dress-Plum

    HS-95 Bridesmaid Dress-Saffron

    OA-01 Sunrise Bike Ride

    OA-10 Mountain Hike

    OA-15 Tent Camping

    OA-20 Kayak at Dawn

    OA-30 Fishing Canoe

    OA-33 Spinning Reel-Pole-Lures

    OA-36 Fishing Flies

    OA-50 Camo-Green

    OA-52 Camo-Tan

    PN-05 Brushstroke Waterfall

    PN-10s Quiet Winter Stream

    PN-15s Sailboat Abstract

    PN-20 Sunlit Forest Pathway

    PN-25s Sunrise Ocean Waves

    PN-30s Winter Cabin Getaway

    PT-10 American Flag at Sunrise

    PT-20 Patriotic Historical Church

    PT-30 Saluting Soldier Silhouette

    PT-40 Western Patriotism

    PT-50 Wooden Cross on Flag

    PK-05 Black Lab Puppy

    PK-08 Border Collie Puppy

    PK-11 Chihuahua Puppy

    PK-14 Cocker Spaniel Puppy

    PK-17 Corgi Puppy

    PK-20 Dachshund Puppy

    PK-23 Dalmatian Puppy

    PK-30 Golden Retriever Puppy

    PK-35 Havanese Puppy

    PK-40 Jack Russell Puppy

    PK-50 Pug Puppy

    PK-55 Schnauzer Puppy

    PK-58 Sheltie Puppy

    PK-61 Siberian Husky Puppy

    PK-67 Westie Puppy

    PK-70 Yorkie Puppies

    PK-80 Black Kitten

    PK-83 Calico Kitten

    PK-86 Gray Kitten

    PK-89 Orange Tabby Kitten

    PK-92 Siamese Kitten

    PK-95 Siberian Kitten

    PK-98 White Kitten

    SN-01s Glacier Bay Water Reflections

    SN-02 Glacier Bay Mountains

    SN-03 Denali Alaska Rail Line

    SN-08s Grand Tetons Wyoming

    SN-11 Maroon Bells Colorado

    SN-12 Rocky Mountains Colorado

    SN-16 Autumn Mountain Sunset

    SN-20 Monument Valley Arizona

    SN-21 Grand Canyon Vista

    SN-25 Yosemite Valley Sunset

    SN-26 Yosemite Snowy Stream

    SN-27 Yosemite Half Dome

    SN-28 Yosemite El Capitan

    SN-40 Banff National Park Canada

    SN-41 Wildflower Meadow Canada

    SN-45s Alpine Mountains Meadow

    SN-46 Autumn in Switzerland

    SN-47 Carpathian Meadow Sunset

    SN-48s Snowy Carpathia Mountains

    SN-70s Multnomah Falls Oregon

    SN-71 Niagra Falls Evening

    SN-72 Rainbow Falls New York

    SN-73 Emerald Green Waterfall

    SN-74 Yosemite Falls

    SN-75 Croatia Flowery Waterfall

    SN-76 Gristmill West Virginia

    SN-85 Lake Tahoe Nevada

    SN-86 Prismatic Spring Yellowstone

    SN-87 Winter Morning Coffee

    SN-88 Autumn Lakeview Austria

    SI-03 All Things Work-Burgundy

    SI-03 All Things Work-Green

    SI-03 All Things Work-Purple

    SI-03 All Things Work-Yellow

    SI-04 All Things Work-Stucco Green

    SI-06s Ask And It Will Be Given-Purple

    SI-06s Ask And It Will Be Given-Salmon

    SI-06s Ask And It Will Be Given-Teal

    SI-09 Believers Heart

    SI-12 Cast All Your Anxiety-Blue

    SI-12 Cast All Your Anxiety-Gold

    SI-15 Faith Can Move Mountains

    SI-18 Faith Hope Love-Blue

    SI-18 Faith Hope Love-Pink

    SI-21 Fruit of the Spirit-Gold

    SI-21 Fruit of the Spirit-Green

    SI-21 Fruit of the Spirit-Teal

    SI-24 Give Thanks-Blue

    SI-24s Give Thanks-Peach

    SI-27 God Is Everywhere

    SI-30 God Is Our Refuge-Blue

    SI-30 God Is Our Refuge-Brown

    SI-30 God Is Our Refuge-Green

    SI-33 God So Loved The World

    SI-36 Grow In The Grace-Brown

    SI-36 Grow In The Grace-Green

    SI-36 Grow In The Grace-Purple

    SI-39 He Alone Is My Rock

    SI-42s He Died That I May Live-Blue

    SI-42 He Died That I May Live-Green

    SI-42 He Died That I May Live-Tan

    SI-45 I Am Not Alone

    SI-48 I Can Do All Things-Blue

    SI-48 I Can Do All Things-Yellow

    SI-51 Lift Up Your Arms-Burgundy

    SI-51 Lift Up Your Arms-Cream

    SI-51 Lift Up Your Arms-Green

    SI-54 Love Joy Peace-Blue

    SI-54 Love Joy Peace-Green

    SI-54 Love Joy Peace-Orange

    SI-57 Me And My House-Blue

    SI-57 Me And My House-Green

    SI-57 Me And My House-Terra Cotta

    SI-58 Me And My House-Wood

    SI-60 Set Your Mind-Green

    SI-60 Set Your Mind-Lavender

    SI-60 Set Your Mind-Peach

    SI-60 Set Your Mind-Teal

    SI-62 Steadfast Love-Trees Green

    SI-63 The Best View

    SI-66 Walk By Faith-Blue Shoes

    SI-66 Walk By Faith-Green Shoes

    SI-66 Walk By Faith-Pink Shoes

    SI-69 We Walk By Faith-Blue

    SI-69 We Walk By Faith-Green

    SI-69 We Walk By Faith-Pink

    SI-72 Worry Ends-Blue

    SI-72s Worry Ends-Purple

    SI-75 Your Word I Have Hidden-Pink

    SI-75 Your Word I Have Hidden-Teal

    SI-78 Your Word Is A Lamp

    SS-01 Fenced Ranch Sunrise

    SS-02 Rail Line Sunset

    SS-20 Rhododendron Mountain

    SS-21 Sunrise Mountain

    SS-40 Silhouette Palms

    SS-41 Rocky Beach Sunrise

    SS-42 Coastal Sunset

    SS-43 Seaside Morning

    SS-44 Ocean Beach Sunrise

    SS-60 Monument Valley Sunset

    SS-61 Sunrise Monument

    SS-62 Desert Cactus Sunset

    TF-01 Upward Sunshine Blue

    TF-02 Upward Sunshine Green

    TF-03 Sunshine Forest Floor

    TF-04 Autumn Sunshine Clearing

    TF-20 Wooden Trail Glacier Bay

    TF-21 Red Carpet Birch

    TF-22 Quiet Golden Stroll

    TF-23 Autumn Forest Path

    TF-24 Serene Spring Morning

    TF-40 Golden Snowy Aspens

    TF-60 The Sentinel Sequoia

    WL-01 Sorrel Horse

    WL-02 Palomino Horse

    WL-03 Mare & Foal Horses

    WL-10 Baby Red Fox

    WL-11 Curious Raccoon

    WL-20 Red Deer Stag

    WL-21 Elk at Waters Edge

    WL-30 Bengal Tiger

    WL-31 Indian Leopard

    WL-32 Baby Panda

    WL-33 Giraffes Near Kilimanjaro

    WL-50 Dolphins Jumping

    YY-01 Multicolored Hearts

    YY-02s Dancing Ballerina

    YY-20 Fruit Salad

    YY-21 Pizza By The Slice

    YY-40 Brushstrokes Plaid

    YY-41s Rainbow Bokeh

    YY-42 Multicolored Leopard Skin

    The three journal versions offered - Women's, Men's, and Youth - feature Bible verses selected specifically for each journal user group. For example, the Bible verses contained in the Women's version are scriptures chosen by women for the encouragement of women.
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